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Subject: Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] On CIS's grants request from Wikimedia Foundation
Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 18:43:42 +0530
From: Vishnu <>
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Some responses here on Meta [1] on behalf of CIS. I have also commented in my individual capacity on the statutory aspects to the best of my knowledge. Also see some in-line replies.

On Monday 12 May 2014 05:45 PM, Hari Prasad Nadig wrote:
Fellow Wikimedians,

As you all know, Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore has sought funding of about 1.8 Crores through the FDC process from Wikimedia Foundation to carry out work on seven local language projects in India that includes Kannada, Telugu among others. [1]
The funds primarily cover the salaries of the people belonging to the CIS-A2K team among other administrative expenses and other expenses as outlined on their proposal page.

As may of you know, please note that CIS has proposed the said budget to implement 21 plans of which there are 7 language area plans, 8 stand along projects, 3 community strengthening initiatives, etc.

The proposal was up for Community review and comments until April 30th and many have recorded their response about it [2]. Several community members have come forward in pointing out that the staff salaries being paid and that being proposed - are quite on the higher side (which is up to 2.4 Lakhs per month per person).

As you may have already seen in the budget, please note that the salary proposed is for 7 employees on the CIS-A2K team and the average per person salary would come to less than 1 lakh per month, per person and not as stated above.

CIS-A2K welcomes your feedback and suggestions.

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