Dear Belayet,

Wonderful to hear this! I am glad that the preparation for the celebrations is initiated early. Let's make it *Grand*!  Would be more than happy to help on this in any small way.

Cheers and best,

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Dear Wikipedians!

Bangla Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia in Bangla Wikipedia, also the
largest encyclopedia in Bangladesh.

I am happy to let you know that the next year on January 27, 2014 Bangla
Wikipedia will be 10[1] years old. All of you will agree with me that "10
years of Bangla Wikipedia" deserves a grand celebration. We have only 5
month to plan, design, arrangements and celebrate. I think this is the
right time to start community discussion and set the plan how we will work
on that and make celebrate this grand anniversary.

I've create a project page[2] on Bangla Wikipedia for the discussion and
coordination of the events centrally. Tou can discuss in the mailing lists,
But make sure that your idea goes to Wikipedia page as well.

I would like to invite you to join the discussion. Please write down your
ideas, plans and suggestions to celebrate this unique occasion for Bangla


Belayet Hossain (Bangla)
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