Dear Bengali Wikipedia Community,

Namaste and Greetings.

We are planning to develop Dengue article on all Indian Languages. Wikipedia Club Pune is organizing dedicated workshop on 16th December 2012.

We would like to invite you participate in Workshop (online or offline as per your convenience) 

Article of Dengue will be edited through collaborative editing session, and it will be recorded later on as part of Spoken Wikipedia.


1)Why Dengue Article :

A: Dengue fever is common in this session, so it will be helpful to many people.

2)What about other diseases?

A: We will be covering major diseases one by one in upcoming Sunday workshops.

3)What is Spoken Wikipedia for Indian Languages?

The WikiProject Spoken Indian Language Wikipedia is a project undertaken by Wikipedia Club Pune to give a voice to the Indian community and to create a knowledge domain of information related to India and Indian languages through audio recordings of the articles (in various native languages).

P.S :

4)Why (Only) health related articles?

As of now - Our first priority is Health related articles on Indian Language Wikipedia. After recording articles, we are planning to circulate these articles in underprivileged community.

5)How I can help?

Please add your name to Workshop page to help us.
Register :

Kindly do let us know if you have any doubts/queries or suggestions!

Keep Supporting, Keep Inspiring! :-)

Best Regards,

Abhishek Suryawanshi,
On Behalf of Wikipedia Club Pune