Cross posting to reach mass, apologies if you have already read this!

Dear members,

On the second anniversary of the Chapter, we made public our intention of running our first fundraiser. Going ahead with the first phase of this plan, we will be running a central site notice on the chapter website for a period of two calendar months starting 1 February, 2013. In the second phase of this plan, we aim to approach high networth individuals and corporates in the month of March 2013. This will be done using personal and professional networks of current and past EC members, staff, volunteers among others.

Suggestions, help and support from the community on what we can do to ensure success of this fundraiser are welcome. Every drop counts :)

Donations can be made by Online Bank Transfer (NEFT/RTGS) or by sending us a Cheque through snail mail. We are unable to accept card payments at this current time. Link to the donation page on our website:

Thanking you,
Executive Committee,
Wikimedia India.

*Reasoning* (From our public statement on 4 January, 2013)

A lot of people may ask why the chapter needs a fundraiser when it has access to WMF funding. The answer is, we are still ineligible for FDC of WMF (we hope to be eligible for the second round of funding in 2013) and would need to rely on grants, spending of which is restricted by the WMF. Since formation, the chapter has relied heavily on the Executive Committee to take on the burden of running the show. In an ideal world, the EC would like to take on the role of guiding the chapter rather than actually be responsible for operations after two years of incorporation, which should be best done by professionals rather than volunteers in their spare time.

The chapter has hired an employee (Sowmyan Tirumurti, our Executive Manager) as well as plans to lease its own office premises in Bangalore. We will need the help of those volunteers who are in a position to support us. It could be a small individual donation or in the form of a corporate donation from an institution. A small token of support from you could go a long way in helping us achieving our goals of furthering the movement in India.

Thanks and regards,
Karthik Nadar,
Secretary, Wikimedia India Chapter.