Dear Wikimedians,

Some of you may recollect the Med GLAM Project that we proposed during this year's work plan [1]. The main objective of this project is to create, curate and make openly available images from the Department of Pathology (DoP), Calicut Medical College (CMC) for the benefit of medical and para-medical students specifically and for the larger medical fraternity across the world.

I am glad to inform you that this project has kick-started in October 2014 and is gaining momentum. Our very own Netha Hussain, is the Wikipedian-in-Residence for this project.

Dr. K.P. Aravindan, Head of DoP, CMC and Netha Hussain have played a pivotal role in putting this project together and successfully partnering with the CMC. So far 146 images are uploaded on the Commons under the project and are available here [2]. Most of the credit goes to Netha for this successful Med-GLAM project in progress.

Help and support, especially from Wikimedians with Pathology background, is welcome in writing descriptions for the images uploaded, categorizing them and reviewing the quality of images.

Wikimedians in Kerala may also reach out to Netha to help organize events in and around CMC about this project.

Best wishes,