Deal all,

As a part of helping the community to reach out to more people apart from the presentations, handouts, FAQs and mailing list support we also have need for more visuals. Audio/Video clips containing Indian Wikipedians sharing their message "I EDIT WIKIPEDIA" or "I EDIT WIKIPEDIA IN MY INDIAN LANGUAGE" to create some more impact to inspire people to contribute to Wikipedia. Community folks conducting outreach events could use such a video while presenting.

We are requesting you to shoot the video saying:

- "I [Edit] Wikipedia" in XYZ language. (XYZ is your language)
And then answer any of the following few questions;
- "Why do you edit in XYZ language?"
- "What do you gain from editing Wikipedia?"
-  "How has Wikipedia changed your life"?
- "How does Wikipedia help readers?"
- "What imact does Wikipedia have on readers"?
- "What do you gain by being part of the community"?
- "How do you invite to join the community?"

We will love if you answer some fun questions like;
- "If wikipedia was an animal, what would it be?"
- "What would happen to you if you lost you internet connection for 1 month and could not edit Wikipedia?"

This will be a motivational video to reach out to more Indian editors and make them aware about editing Wikipedia of their languages. All the Indic language communities are invited to take part in this event. We request all the language communities to shoot the video of some of the active editors of their respective communities and send them back to us. The few criteria you need to keep in mind before shooting would be:

  • Put this message on your next meetup agenda. Shoot the video in the meet up itself so that you would be having more people. We would love to more no of videos from you.
  • It could be one single person saying "I [edit] wikipedia" or a group of Wikipedians saying "We [edit] wikipedia" in their own languages.
  • For editing purposes, it is better if you record video in room with LESS noise and MORE light.
  • It is better to keep the camera still, preferably on a tripod or an elevated place to avoid shaking of the video.
  • Try and keep video in .MPEG, .AVI or .MP4, so that while editing we don't have to convert and lose quality.
  • You can use any normal digital camera, even your (iPhone) camera or preferably a good quality handycam/video camera.
After shooting the video please let us know and we will help you to send it to us. Please feel fee write in my talk page or drop me a mail at mail to ask any question . 

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