As you may know, we Wikinewsies are the most technologically advanced of any group.  We've got a bunch of tech toys, and some of the coolest gadgets.  One of the problems with all our toys is that the source code is stored...everywhere.  Some of the scripts aren't even published publicly.  This isn't a problem on day to day activity, but what if a person leaves the project, goes MIA or god forbid something worse happens to them.

So I've started the Grand Unified Wikinews Technology Center.  Really, the core goal of this "project" is to get all the source code for all our goodies in one place.  That happens to be setup at .  If you aren't familiar with Google Code, basically it is a code repository, wiki and bug tracker all rolled into one. 

For improved communication, I've started #wikinews-tech on freenode and Wikinews-Tech-L on Google Groups: .  Some have asked the usefulness of Yet Another Mailing List.  It may or may not be useful, but at least this way we can send more regular emails about technical things (bitch/moan/complain about Javascript breaking) and not irritate everyone.


So, how does this effect you?  If you care about technology, write scripts, apps and etc... feel free to stop by.  I'm happy to give anyone that wants to code, commit access.  You can stop by IRC, mail me off list...what ever.  If you don't care about technology, coding or anything of that jazz, feel free to ignore us.

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