The above link is to a section on the English-language Wikinews soliciting designs for a promotional poster for the project. However, I see no reason why this should be restricted to English speakers. A design where the text can be substituted out would be most welcome – heck! Even a blank design ready to have text added would be good.


As mentioned at the above link, the Foundation will cover costs on this. That was one of the points covered at Wikimania – there is money to help non-WP projects promote themselves. A2 or A1 printing is expensive, so getting the cash up-front or reimbursed should take a load off people’s minds about this.


At the moment I’m waiting for the lightning-bolt of inspiration to put up a first design. I’d be delighted if someone beats me to it, but there are a few points to note…

First and foremost, is making your design something other people can adapt and work on; the two packages most likely to end up used are Gimp and Photoshop. I’ve been told Gimp can open most Photoshop files, but not vice-versa – so be prepared to look for alternative ways to save your work in case someone says, “I like this and want to try some changes”.

Don’t rasterise or merge down! These are the terms from Photoshop, probably similar in Gimp, but it basically is that you don’t turn text into a graphic that can’t be scaled up

If you’re using graphics from somewhere like commons try to pick ones that will scale to A2 or A1 without becoming pixellated. I think we’re in the clear with the Wikinews logo – which is a brilliant piece of work – but other images may be problematic.

Upload A3 or A4 examples of your work.


If – like me – you’re none to hot on the graphics front then there’s still the text part of the poster to work on. With something that’s going to be A2 or A1 you’ve enough space to comfortably fit a couple of short paragraphs pitching the project. Can you think of a good recruitment pitch to fit in that space?



Brian McNeil