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What's the role of Wikinews vs Wikipedia ?

For me Wikinews MAIN role is  to REPORT news, linked to Commons and Wikipedia content but also to facts, reality, now and today.
the WIkipedia MAIN role is to built an UNBURNABLE library of knowledge available for all (yes, i am one of the rare people still crying for Alexandria library burning to ground)
*To write encyclopedia you need to know the status of the knowledge you fetch, it's the Copyright (Author Rights, ...) in order to write an entry.
*To report news we need all the privileges and responsabilities of RR (Real Reality) journalists.
Ans it's just named Press Freedom !

It's  named Fair Use and 1st Amendment in the USA, but this law concerned JUST USA, remember that.

Wikinewsies, WikiJournalist, Wikireporter (choose the one you like) would able to QUOTE otherwise Wikinews is Non Sense !!!

Am i right ?

jacques Divol who tries to awake Wikinews-l  people before Chrismas poudding !!

Le 10 déc. 05 à 04:04, list-catcher@hellburner.com a écrit :

I'm still not 100% on decoding licensing.  What are the terms of the
University of Michigan's license (see blow)?  Does this mean a
Wikinewsie cannot directly quote anything in their study?


Agreement on Copyright and Limitations on Use

The data and other materials available through the Surveys of Consumers
Internet site are the property of the University of Michigan and are
protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. The data
and materials obtained from the Internet site may be displayed,
reformatted, and printed for the use of the sponsoring company or
organization. You agree not to reproduce, retransmit, distribute, sell,
publish or broadcast the data and materials from the Surveys of
Consumers Internet site to anyone outside your company or organization
without the express written consent of the University of Michigan.
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