I cannot address issues with bans or access to Wikipedia. This is an issue for Wikipedia administrators, the two projects – Wikinews and Wikipedia are quite separate. Your IP address may well be banned because it is shared and someone else has used it to abuse Wikipedia.


I note that the Kerosene 454 article you cite lists a discography of record label released albums. Your own contribution – which is a conflict of interest writing about yourself – did not cite such justification to meet notability guidelines.


This is my last email response on this, please take your beef with Wikipedia to Wikipedia.



Brian McNeil


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yeah but we saw  alot of bands that actually put up their bio in wikipedia, like Kerosene 454, etc..... do we need to pay for this ?  please ... would like to know how we can add the Band Kerosene in Wikipedia .. and can you please lift our IP ban on wikipedia, since this is the 1st time we tried to put something in wiki ... why where we banned?

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Neither Wikinews nor Wikipedia are sites where you can stick up any old random stuff.


Band adverts or hagiographies? Nope. Not notable. In the dustbin.


Thank you for notifying me I can zap your page off Wikinews. I will also block the account as single purpose.



Brian McNeil


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From: Liberty Acoustics and Services [mailto:lasprome@emirates.net.ae]
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Subject: Kerosene Band..


Hi, we are sorry to have posted Kerosene on Wiki News, since we where trying to post it to wikipedia but for some reason our Ip was blocked .. i would like to ask your assistance if you can help us move the article to wikipedia .. thanks