Sorry... this has been sitting in the queue for about 22 hours.. Missed it mingled in with the other crap. Brian already sent this to this list, sort of...:


On Dec 29, 2007 3:43 AM, Wikinews Information Team <> wrote:
Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your mail.

Andrew wrote:

> Please consider adding a button to your news articles. By clicking the
> button, a reader may type in an e-mail address of a friend and send the
> news article to them. Thank you.

I've been pointed to a request for this feature that was made about a year
ago. I'm sorry to say the developers, rather conservatively, said no. Their
advice was that people should use their web browser's "email this page"
feature. Not knowing which browser you currently use I can't say how you'd go
about that, it differs from browser to browser.

I've copied this response to the Wikinews mailing list just in case there's
one of the more technical people can come up with some sort of work-around
that allows you to click a button and the "email this page" dialogue starts

In any case, always glad to get feedback from people who read Wikinews.

Yours sincerely,
Brian McNeil

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