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CommonsTicker is a special tool created by
(commons:,meta:,:de:w:)User:Duesentrieb to allow for greater
communication and transparency between the Commons and local projects
(all projects, all languages) that use the Commons. When it is set up,
a log page is created and a bot posts updates about any critical
events that occur to any Commons images that are being used by that
project. Critical events are: image replacement (a new version of an
image being uploaded over the top of an existing one), an image being
marked or unmarked with a deletion tag (including no source, etc), and
an image being deleted.

This allows local project users to immediately identify any images
that have been nominated for deletion, giving them plenty of notice to
take part in the deletion discussion, as well as checking that image
replacements are not vandalism and removing any red links from deleted

CommonsTicker is completely translatable (if you provide a
translation). All it needs to be set up is a project admin to
"sponsor" it through the early days. Now taking requests! :) :
instructions on set-up, contact, translation, request queue : Example
Ticker in English
(There are also Tickers already set up in German, Indonesian, Italian,
Dutch, Chinese and Slovak.)

Brianna (commons:user:pfctdayelise)
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- Brian
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