I saw this on the water cooler (Wikinews Village pump equivelent) and thought it might be a good idea to post to lists.

Are you interested in red carpet photography, or reporting on the Academy Awards? I'm trying to get one reporter for Wikinews, and one photographer for Wikimedia Commons/Wikinews/Wikipedia into the whole red carpet/backstage stuff. Press credentials for the Oscars are being released '''now''', so we need to act fast.

I'm looking for someone that is clearly reliable, if not skilled with the camera. Being an entertainment buff with a good memory for famous faces is a big plus (so you don't miss stars, and shoot photos of random people), and living in or around California, particularly in or around Los Angeles are also big pluses. The photographer is my main concern, the reporter is less critical

Post your reply info and a sample <nowiki><gallery></nowiki> of four photos, at least one has to be of a human, and at least one has to have been taken in natural light, and at least one photo has to have been taken in artificial light. Submit your interest or questions to [[n:en:user:zanimum/Oscars]].

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