Are any of these content management systems worth looking at? (apart from those with a $ next to them). I might be able to get something else for Linux installed and running manually, but no promises there.


Site is now on PHP 5.x with 2 WordPress installs and a MediaWiki install supposedly coming online soon.


The general look of the site is pretty good, and there’s plenty of graphics that could be used even if we started from scratch again. I’m not entirely happy with the Editors’ blog setup, as far as I can tell it was hacked together instead of written as a WordPress theme. Looking at the ‘opinions’ blog I’ve installed, there’s a lot can be done to tweak a theme.


So, we’ll need a ‘house style’ to be applied across the entire site – front, blogs, wiki. Assuming a main colour for this style, then a different main colour but all the same appearance for the opinions blog to distinguish it from the journalism process of editors’. The wiki might be the trickiest part, but depending on how fine-tuned access can be implemented on MediaWiki the whole thing may need hidden from all but users granted access – in which case who cares if it is really pretty. [Yes, this is for the embargoed wiki.]


On which note, who has installed/run MediaWiki?



Brian McNeil


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Since I did the first incarnation of wikinewsie, I don't mind doing the second.


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Anyone interested in poking about and applying this to

Brian McNeil

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