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Dear Neil Planchon,

Thank you for your mail.

Neil Planchon <xxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx> wrote:

> greetings
> http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Main_Page
> i just noticed that the rss feed from wikinews is not current. last
> feed is dated 1/21.
> is is just me? what is eta for repair?
> just to be sure could you email me the rss feed url?
> many thanks
> neil
> oakland
> ca
> usa

I was previously unaware of this issue. Wikinews does not use "standard"
techniques for a news website, and as such RSS feeds are a problem to
maintain. I have copied this email (obscuring your email address) onto the
Wikinews mailing list, where we will attempt to work out a solution!

Yours sincerely,
Paul Williams
Wikimedia OTRS Agent

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Yes, I know the e-mail address isn't really obscured - my bad :P

This should probably be fixed ASAP. I have no idea how we ran the old RSS...anyone?

~ Paul W