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On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 7:38 PM, Brian McNeil <> wrote:
Do we want the Wikipedia news people? They'd need to put in a lot more
effort - at the moment they just make 2-3 sentences from an item that is
being included in Wikipedia, and their work appears on the 8th most popular
site on the Internet.

Wikinews does okay having a link above the crease on WP's main page. Selling
a link like that on the main page would probably be worth six figures, we're
not capitalising on that. And we cannot order people from Wikipedia to work
on Wikinews to do so. It is like the meta discussion on a global BLP, we
don't want told what we can and can't write, let alone even risk it. WP
people involved with their news section would not take kindly to being told
to do a full report on Wikinews.


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That can already be done easily as it is now. Those who write the news
on WP can write the news on WP. It should not be a matter of popularity,
but a matter of getting out the most information, the easiest, quickest
way possible, with as much *collaboration *as possible. As it is, with
the contributions on WP for the news, we are not collaborating we are
competing. It may or may not be an intentional competition but is its
one. It seems the only time we get any contributors from WP is when they
do something to piss everyone else off. When the incident is settled,
they go back to writing news on WP...the same news that they were just
writing on WN. So I am just lost as to what exactly the point of all
this would be? Its like taking what WMF stands for and ignoring it
because something may or may not be as popular as it was before.

Jason Safoutin
Wikinews accredited reporter and administrator

Brian McNeil wrote:
> I would agree were Wikinews a far, far more active project. In such
> circumstances Wikinews would do the news, and it would be filtered to a
> small section on the Wikipedia main page.
> Brian.
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> I have my stance on Wikipedia and the news section. Wikipedia is an
> online encyclopedia. Not a news site. Whether or not it was around
> before Wikinews makes no difference. The mere fact that Wikipedia has a
> news section, makes it almost like Wikinews is to compete with them.
> There would be no real problem, other than those who would scream about
> it, to move the Wikipedia news to Wikinews. There would be nothing lost
> on Wikipedia, given the fact Wikinews and WP are run by the same
> foundation and are all sister projects. I hear the same argument of
> "Wikinews is not a reliable news site", but there is no logical reason
> for Wikipedia to have a news section. It just seems, in my opinion, that
> having it on Wikipedia, just takes one of the fundamental goals of WMF
> away: collaboration.

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