I see well then thanks I guess.

shevek@bur.st wrote:
Jason and others,

Sorry (really, really sorry), I had volunteered to Jason to help cover  
this, but having spent a couple of hours interacting with the "wiki" I  
have realised again that it is not something I can be a part of. I do  
not need to build stress and anger in my daily life, any more than it  
is forced on me from the outside world.

Below is my parting contribution, visible on my User page until  
hopefully someone deletes those. I will try to keep a note for myself  
in a strategic location, sufficient to prevent me wasting more time,  
but well-enough hidden not to continue to cause me anguish, so that I  
do not waste our time again.

I'm sure there is a place in the world for what "wikinews" lets people  
do, I just don't think it's accurate to call it a wiki, and I think  
you may actually find it works better if you call it what it is, and  
model it more closely on a hierarchical Content Management System  
format. The same goes for Wikipedia, incidentally, but they at least  
let the users continue to edit the pages _even after the original  
poster has stopped looking at (and "protecting") "their" baby_.

In fact, ever since wikiscanner became publicised, I have had no  
problems whatsoever with officiousness on wikipedia .. which _used_ to  
be unavoidable. I really really dislike the wikiscanner idea, but I  
wonder if judicious application of it against wikinews might help free  
up the works somewhat?

Anyway, here is my final wikinews copy, see  

== Oh forget it ==

Having re-visited Wikinews briefly after a long hiatus, I had positive  
hopes. But I see that Really Stupid Policy (TM) (and officious  
behaviour towards users) is still in effect, and so I will not be back  
again. Please delete my 'user' pages. Like wikipedia, [[This Is Not A  
Wiki]], and sadly, here the beauracrats have found even more excuses  
to restrict its use. I see this as namespace squatting, a form of DoS.  
-- Simeon 04:03, 31 January 2008 (UTC)



Quoting Jason Safoutin <jason.safoutin@wikinewsie.org>:

I am DragonFire1024 on the English Wikinews. I am wondering if there
are any Wikinewsies in: New York, Montreal, Houston TX, London,
Melbourne Australia, and Los Angeles California.

If so, please contact me. The group known as "Anonymous"is planning
"unspecified" action against the CoS on February 10, 2008. They mention
the above cities specifically.

So anyone on the list in or near those areas please contact me ASAP.

P.S. we already have 2 people going to London, but more is encouraged.

Jason Safoutin (DragonFire1024)

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