I want someone to steal our reports (as long as they give Wikinews credit), that is how we promote Wikinews. And do you really think Fox News have people monitoring RC? If you have to stop people reading your article before its published, prepare on a word processor. the WMF shouldn't support restrictions like this. In addition, if we had this wiki, I don; thtink stories like http://www.neoseeker.com/news/8044-wikimedia-foundation-board-censoring-wikinews/ would be revealed. 

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 9:37 PM, Jason Safoutin <jason.safoutin@wikinewsie.org> wrote:

Wikinewsie: Anonymous101 wrote:
> Sure embargo's can be useful, but I think creating a private wiki will
> result in many problems including:
> 1. A two tier system where some editors can access the private wiki
> 2. No transparency
> If you have to agree not to publish a quote, leave the space blank and
> create the article in Wikinews:Story Preparation. That way Wikinews
> will have the transparency that Wikimedia was founded on
> From the Wikimedia values :
> "All the legal freedom to modify or distribute educational content is
> useless if users cannot get access to it."
> And people cannot access it if it is in this private wiki.
> Thanks,
> Anon101
Well let me clarify something...if this were to happen, which in my
opinion would be great...I think in RE to your concerns: 1) Would be
accessed by accredited reporters only. The Wiki would and should be used
only for stories that are OR and that HAVE to be embargoed. 2)
Transpanrency can be fixed. There can be admins there and crats and such
like on WN. Its not a replacement Wiki just something to do our OR work,
without someone stealing it or what not.

Preparation does't work because people can still see the articles in
recent changes. If something can be done to remove those articles from
popping in RC then that would be good, though I doubt its possible.
Wikinews is a news agency...and we have to be the only news agency that
reveals our material before its even ready to be published. I for one
would love somewhere to post my OR work and get it formatted and such
without worrying if someone from FOX News (no pun intended because they
really did steal stuff from us in the past...we have proof!! :-}) steals
our material.

Jason Safoutin (DragonFire1024)

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