Hello, Wikinews-l subscribers.

This coming Saturday at 10:00 UTC/GMT, the mailing lists will be shifted to a new server. This will cause a downtime for the mailing lists (and may also incidentally affect other Wikimedia mail systems).

The mailing lists will also be shifted to a new subdomain, so that the Wikinews-l mailing list email address will in fact be " wikinews-l@lists.wikimedia.org ". You will still be able to send mail to the mailing list via the current (wikinews-l@wikimedia.org ) email address, but all emails will have fields like "reply-to" reflect the new address. This will break most email filters which subscribers have in place to tag mailing list emails and sort them, so many of you will have to tweak your settings a bit once the change is made.

Sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this might cause. Please let me know if you have any questions -- I will endeavor to answer them.

Wikinews-l List Administrator