Previously before the english wikinews used a script, a user (Dan100 if memory serves) manually updated, by hand, a rss feed through blogger. you could do that, but it sounds like a lot of work.

- bawolff
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On 21/01/06, אביחי ש <> wrote:
Is there any progress about that? Can anyone come up with another idea? we really need this RSS feed.

Avichai from the HebrewWikinews

On 1/8/06, Dejan Cabrilo <> wrote:
On 1/8/06, אביחי ש <> wrote:
> It can't be done from the English server? Maybe you can put our "code"
> inside the English one.
> Any advices will be welcome.
> Avichai

It's not on the English server either, but a third party server. One
of the users allowed us to use his personal server for this. I'll talk
to him and see if we can extend the script, but I can't promise

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