Creating the possibility of posting something, like my boss is prone to saying, that may well go "over like a fart in church"....
April Fools-type stunts have many problems - but the basic problem is this:
They do endanger hard-fought-for credibility of Wikimedia projects and do nothing to further the goals of the foundation.
This type of behavior is counter to the mission of Wikinews and the parameters as to why the Wikimedia Foundation approved the project.
Basically: Wikinews is not in the business of publishing fiction.
Furthermore, there are several logic errors in justifying "April Fools'-type temporary lapses in any of the *.Wikinews projects, in particular by comparing the project to newspapers, tabloids, magazines, etc.:
Wikinews is not a commercial media newspaper: (Newspapers have opinion pages, gossip columns, editorial cartoons, want ads, etc.)
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