no, the fair use media repository will be independant for each language. The reason being each project might take a different stance on it.
Remember that using fair use image is here to support information, but it is not our goal to provide content with restricted use. We should avoid it whenever necessary

"jacques.divol" <> wrote:

Just a "newbye" question.

Is the "Upload fair use media" repository unique for all language wiki
or is there One repository per language.

More simple (sorry i lack real english practice) : if I want to use a
"fair use media" presents into en.wikinews, do I need to copy/paste the
stuff in the french realm or do I have a direct link from the froggy
(choose an another) wikinews to the english wikinews ????

I love commons for that reason : one repository for ALL wikis. (don't
love border or ghetto sorry :)

jacques Divol
from the french part of the force ...
... (who said black ?????, ;))))

Le 19 mai 05, ? 00:27, Erik Moeller a ?crit :

> With the agreement of the Board, I have enabled local uploads on the
> English edition of Wikinews.
> I ask other language editions that are interested in fair use to
> formulate a similar whitelist policy for cases in which fair use
> should be allowed. The emphasis is on *whitelist* - any case not
> covered by the policy should be quickly deleted.
> Once a policy is developed, please report it on foundation-l or
> wikinews-l to move forward with enabling local uploads. A brief
> summary of your policy in English would be very helpful.
> For reference, the English fair use policy is at:
> As before, the Wikimedia Commons should be used for any free content
> media.
> All best,
> Erik
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