Dear Sir,
I have been in the Wikinews mailing list for for many years now.
We have made & are hosting the largest web portal on Sri Lanka. It is a ever growing Portal & would take many years to complete. It is a sort of a Wikipedia on Sri Lanka but pictorially described. It is an educational Portal and the 1st of it's kind in Sri Lanka or in any region covering a myriad of subjects with images.
Any student could get details of Sri Lanka free of charge. It is with very hi quality images which Wikipedia does not have.
When I added the name once it said wikipedia does not solicit web sites but I found that there were many. This is not a PERSONAL website and as anyone could see - it is an educational Portal.
Please let me know how we could add the name 'Sri Lanka Almanac Vidyuth Koshaya' (vidyuth koshaya = electronic encylopedia in Sinhala language). Please help Sri Lanka develop this massive site by linking Wikipedia and giving details about it. We have linked Wikipedia to SLAVK.
Awaiting a reply at your earliest.
Thanking & regards from
Wiki Wickramarathna
Owner / Editor SLAVK

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