Wikinews is interviewing television producer and owner of the anti-Scientology website, Mark Bunker.

Problem is, we don't have any questions and we want you to ask them.

At the moment there is no deadline to ask questions. The hopeful plan is to conduct the interview on IRC. Hopefully this can be Wikinews' first Interview Of The Month, in well a very long time. More details on how and when the interview will take place will be released as details are known.

Click here to add your questions.

Also, is anyone in or near San Diego California, USA? Tahts where Mr. Bunker lives and has agreed to a video interview...we just need 1) A camera 2) reporters(s) 3) Someone to get there.

Video is not required or a definite and Bunker knows this. As of now, its an idea, but the IRC interview is a definite.

Jason Safoutin (DragonFire1024)