I agree with Brian actually now that its mentioned. Although I am not against an article on our 10,000th, it does seem "cheesey." We do need a big story though :)


Brian McNeil <brian.mcneil@wikinewsie.org> wrote:
:On Behalf Of divol

> Le 6 sept. 07 à 12:42, Brian McNeil a écrit :
>> We're not there yet.
>> At my last check we have 10,004 articles in main namespace - of
>> which 13 are
>> still in development. Wikipedia doesn't have that distinction so
>> we've got a
>> little more work to establish which is *the* 10,000th published
>> article.

> (^v^)
>you cut all fun from life my friend!
>let us have a chance to cheer and dance, it's not so often on Wikinews !
>May be it's time to have some thoughts about a Wikinews Convention in
>order to share some beer (wine or carote juice, don't mind) and ideas
>about the futur of Wikinews or more openly, about the role "citizen
>rapporteur" .
>and have fun !

The "chance to cheer" is today, we just need nine articles and we can manage
that. We can go for a big story as 10K published, or the craziest Wackynews,
it is up to us - the contributors - how we mark the milestone.

Just don't make it anything to do with us having 10K articles.


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