Just a heads up to everybody, my interview with Westboro Baptist was confirmed today - so I'll be doing a Wikinews interview with them. I want to keep it non-partisan and try to give them a chance to display themselves as they see themselves, not just repeat the tired mantras of "omg evil Christian hatemongers" in the media - without giving them a platform to spew a personal agenda. I've got a rough list of questions I want to cover, mostly dealing with how they see/accept/ignore the rampant criticism of their church - and whether they believe that such protests are legitimate, or could be legitimate if approached a different way, or just all criticism of their church is evil and ignorant.

I'd welcome ideas for questions in the next 2-3 days from anybody interested in helping determine the shape of this interview. Also, I know the church relinquishes copyright on most of their own images - but if you know a strong, powerful image of the group (from any perspective), I'd love to see it - even if copyrighted, to see if I can't convince the photographer to release rights so we can use it.