I think those tools, if they can be created or exist, would be great additions to better specific areas of Wikinews.


Aphaia <aphaia@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello, you guys would like to input your idea ... I don't know Joschy
is on this list, so please give your comment on the page. Cheers,

From [[m:Metapub]]
== click-counter and other tools. ==

HI! My English is not very good. Im from German Wikinews. 1. I got an
idea that other NEWS-Sites already realised. I mean counting the
clicks of an article. If we had such a tool we could see more faster
how often an article was opened. That would be a great tool in
Wikinews. I already got the answer that this tool is not availble
anymore because that would be too much for ther servers. Is that right
or is there an tool for that? 2. On other NEWS-Sites the Users can
rate the articles. Each User just one time (surely). could we get this
tool, too? I think with 5 stars. 3. on Other NEQWS-Sties the Users can
comment the articles. That functuion is already in the English
Wikinews realised but there is no automaally counter of the comments.
Do you understand my questions? -- Joschy 19:26, 17 September 2007

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