I use my ops when I need to.

On 9/17/07, Terin Stock <terin.stock@wikinewsie.org> wrote:
It has come to our attention that the access list of the #wikinews IRC
channel has become outdated. Many of our active Wikinews users (both on
wiki and in channel) do not have the proper access levels to respond to

But should any old Wikinews user come online, they have full ownership
of the channel. The current level 30 access on #wikinews is "alexws,
_sj_, CraigSpurrier, Chiacomo, Pechorin, Natterer, Dan100, Xirzon,
Amgine, IlyaHaykinson, Datrio, Ross_Koepke, mrmiscellanious". How many
are active in the channel on a daily basis? One (congrats Craig!). When
was the last time Amgine was around on the project? MrM, didn't he
retire two years ago? I've never met Ross_Koepke, and have no clue to
who Pechorin is.

What I do know is BrianNewZealand, Brianmc, ZJH, FellowWikiNews,
WM-Thunderhead, DragonFire1024, Pilotguy, and ironiridis. (If I missed
anyone who is active, I'm sorry, just grabbing active users from the
users currently signed on.)

Does Wikinews have a policy on how access rights should be granted?
Shouldn't we have more than 1 level 30 user (kinda like Coca-Cola)?
Should active administrator get higher ops access? Should we do
community voting? (or am I just yapping about nothing?)


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