Yes of course. The goal is to be there on a news reporting level of course. I am calling for reporters to go there to report on the protest.


Andrew Lih wrote:
Jason, I do think this Anonymous phenomenon is quite interesting, and
given Wikinewsies acumen with net culture and its own CoS issues in
Wikipedia, it could be a good area to cover.

But perhaps a bit of clarification -- are you interested in
Wikinewsies to *cover* such protest events, or to participate in them
(as per the subject). The reason for asking, is the latter is
generally frowned upon as a practice by journalists, as newsgatherers
should be doing that -- gathering, and not being the news. But I do
look forward to some discussion about the "anon" matter.


On Jan 29, 2008 6:55 AM, Jason Safoutin <> wrote:
 I am DragonFire1024 on the English Wikinews. I am wondering if there are
any Wikinewsies in: New York, Montreal, Houston TX, London, Melbourne
Australia, and Los Angeles California.

 If so, please contact me. The group known as "Anonymous"is planning
"unspecified" action against the CoS on February 10, 2008. They mention the
above cities specifically.

 So anyone on the list in or near those areas please contact me ASAP.

 P.S. we already have 2 people going to London, but more is encouraged.

 Jason Safoutin (DragonFire1024)

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