Well if anyone can find the posts of "I resign my everything/accreditation" for some of these users, post em.  We'll mark em as expired.  As for Commoners (myself included) - the purpose was originally for them to get press accreditation so they could take news related pictures (for us to use).  My assumption is that if they haven't edited Wikinews in nearly 18 months, you probably aren't contributing any pictures to our stories.  That being said, if they aren't taking pictures for us, they don't need it. 


On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 18:23, bawolff <bawolff+wn@gmail.com> wrote:
Point of note, several of these people resigned. (MrM and David
Shankbone come to mind). If i recall  Gmaxwell, I thought was approved
under some sort of experiment to grant accreditation to commons users,
and thus never was "Active".

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 5:05 PM, Jon Davis <wiki@konsoletek.com> wrote:
> Just as a heads up to all those old accredited users, a while back we
> changed our policy to add an "expiration date" of 2 years to accreditation.
> Though we had the policy approved, we didn't really get into using it, until
> now.  Now I've gotten the ball rolling.  The first step in this process is
> to revoke accreditation for all inactive users.  I've gone over all of our
> accredited users, checked for anyone that is inactive, added them to the
> list, then posted a note to their talk page.
> IF YOU ARE INACTIVE.  All you need to do is hit up the thread on WN:AR (
> http://enwn.net/66Ec4 ) and post that you want to keep your credentials.
> This is simply a "I'm not dead, please don't automatically take it away".
> There will be a "re-up" vote later down the line, more on that later.
> The following users are on the inactive list:
> Fullenwider, Steven (Wikinews user sfullenwider)
> Gerda, Nicholas (Wikinews user NGerda)
> Klein, Samuel (Wikinews user Sj)
> Koepke, Ross (Wikinews user RossKoepke)
> Lih, Andrew (Wikinews user Fuzheado)
> Ngan, Jasmine (Wikinews user Jasabella)
> Novak, Jake (Wikinews user MrMiscellanious)
> Ostergard, Matthew (Wikinews user sinblox)
> Roberto, Frankie (Wikinews user Frankie Roberto)
> Selman, Andrew (Wikinews user Aselman)
> Stafford, Brandon (Wikinews user Pingswept)
> Kibisz, Leandro Javier (Wikinews user Loco085)
> Kirk, Gary (Wikinews user Gary Kirk)
> Maxwell, Gregory (Wikinews user Gmaxwell)
> Ordonez, Sandra (Wikinews user WikiBlue)
> Ortiz Nieves, Eddie (Wikinews user Boricuaeddie)
> Peeks, Martin (Wikinews user Martinp23)
> Walsh, Kat (Wikinews user Mindspillage)
> Valentine, Michael (Wikinews user Meekel)
> Turnbull, Nicholas J. (Wikinews user NicholasTurnbull)
> Ross, Sage (Wikinews user Ragesoss)
> Rancic, Miloš (Wikinews user Millosh)
> Miller, David (Wikinews user David Shankbone)
> Lehrer, Robert (Wikinews user Crimson)
> Lawton, Robert (Wikinews user Rklawton)
> Laurent, Michaël (Wikinews user Stevenfruitsmaak)
> Kozlowski, Tomasz W. (Wikinews user odder)
> Hare, James (Wikinews user Harej)
> Ford, Joseph (Wikinews user WNewsReporter)
> Decap, Alejandro (Wikinews user Decap)
> Thanks
> -Jon
> PS.  I'm sorry this is a little funky.  New policy, making up the procedures
> as I go along.  I'm sure this will get smoothed out in time.
> --
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