With Wikinews using DPL, we really need it to work with FlaggedRevs.

I missed the presentation on that at Wikimania, but Craig says it is possible to add your own flags. Having given the issue a little thought I am not sure that is what is needed. Instead, I believe it would be the DPL extension that would need updated so that you can specify that it will only list articles or revisions which have a specific flag.

While anything is possible, the realistic question is, is this feasible without extensive development? Sue has said she is prepared to help get Wikinews a few items. Developer time wasn't explicitly mentioned, but FlaggedRevs is not as much use to us without this.

Craig and I spoke briefly with Tim at the post-conference party, he asked if we'd requested FlaggedRevs, but there isn't much point if DPL will just circumvent this - which is my understanding of what would happen on our main page as it would not be a new revision and an article stuck in the publish category would show up even if it had not been flagged as okay.

I appreciate you might not be able to give this some thought until you are back in the office, but I'm in the Cairo airport for the next three hours and trying to get through everything I picked up at the conference before the details become fuzzy in my mind.