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I would like correct fews.

On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 10:56 PM, Htoo Myint Naung <vox@technomation.org> wrote:
 There's one thing I can say about, the typeface quality. Almost ALL ASCII fonts which are used in these day's publications are converting to Unicode while pseudo-unicode developers are fighting a font war.
I know you have a tool from converting ASCII to Unicode. But that is monopolized way to solving the problem.
We will be very unhappy if you make another announce like "Htoo Myint Naung invent Myanmar Unicode".
You can see here http://www.mymyanmar.net/2g/feats.php?f=universal. Even ZawGyi's typeface designer, U Zaw Win Myat generously gave me the rights to convert ZawGyi typeface to Unicode.
Even if Zaw Win Myat do it for you, you cannot take it.
And I can say a few number of BIG publishers are using Unicode 5.1 now.
Show me now.
There is nothing you need to worry about typeface.
That is one of the key problem in my.wikipedia.org
And I cannot see a COMMERCIAL unicode 5.1 font yet.
Yes. This is not the right to sale 5.1 font.

 I suspect I cannot get people to believe unicode is the right solution if there aren't people who are saying pseudo-unicode fonts are better.
Many people are saying pseudo-unicode fonts are better if you read on the web. But Okisan never say Zawgyi is better for my.wikipedia.org.

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