There's one thing I can say about, the typeface quality. Almost ALL ASCII fonts which are used in these day's publications are converting to Unicode while pseudo-unicode developers are fighting a font war. You can see here Even ZawGyi's typeface designer, U Zaw Win Myat generously gave me the rights to convert ZawGyi typeface to Unicode. And I can say a few number of BIG publishers are using Unicode 5.1 now. There is nothing you need to worry about typeface. And I cannot see a COMMERCIAL unicode 5.1 font yet.
 I suspect I cannot get people to believe unicode is the right solution if there aren't people who are saying pseudo-unicode fonts are better.


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My statement is not to interpret literally. Please ask your partner, Myint Htoo Naing, what I mean it is.

He is not my partner, he is my colleague.

If it looks like government stuff, it is very difficult to get people trust.

But you have to teach them.

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