Mail below only tells the after-story. All it tells me that you and Anil volunteered to do this. Mail also tells me that this was sent to the project mailing list after things were arranged and students signed up.

We are not here to pick a fight, but This probably is not the most ideal way of doing it when you have a reasonably active community (including yourself) around. Our success factor and strength is our community and if you just ask, community will be able to help in many ways. Please dont feel that I am against running it under chapter's banner, as chapter is free to cover the whole country. I am just worried that chapter still feels no need to involve/ inform the local community in an event that was conducted with chapter's title in Kerala, which probably clocks high in the activity chart among Indic wikipedias. 

On the same note, since you and Anil volunteered for this, It also become your responsibility to at least inform the community in advance that such an event is being planned. I would have happily wished luck and some others may have asked if you need a hand with it. I guess that is what we call a community effort. 

All I wish is luck and peace. "A football team is not 11 players after a big white ball. It is one team with a goal in mind" -- Me. :)


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On Jan 7, 2012, at 4:41 AM, Sivahari Nandakumar <> wrote:

അനൂപ് മാഷിന്റെയും, ജ്യോതിസ് മാഷിന്റെയും ശ്രദ്ധയ്ക്ക്, താഴെ കാണിച്ചിരിക്കുന്ന നവീന്‍ മാഷിന്റെ സന്ദേശം ശ്രദ്ധിച്ചിരുന്നില്ലേ?

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Hi all,

Anilkumar KV and Sivahari has volunteered to facilitate  the WikiAcademy in Cochin University of Science and Technology.

Students has registered their names in the page.

Ditty Mathew has helped to organize the event.

Please do spread the word !!

And please help mentoring new wikimedian's registering in the website .

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