Dear All,


We should think globally, as commons is going to become the worlds image server for more than millions images. So in this way only improve traffic from Ml.Wiki users to the commons. I am a new user to Malayalam and uploading images to both wiki’s but I prefer commons that I can use the same image on any of the wikipedia, and other (May be Spanish, Chinese) also can use my files too. It’s a great honor that some of our files are decorating another language wiki.


I think the users adviced not to stop uploading to didn’t think about the global use of their upload. More over Sreejith and other file movers are doing their best to move each and every files to commons..


This is quite a multitasking, I was having a file of Train-in-swiss museum (All the series files already uploaded to commons) uploaded directly to Ml.Wiki now on its way to commons..


We have only one restriction is for the selected pictures, As I suggested we can do in that way…or come up with some ideas, or write on the talk page “Pictures for selection” in Ml.Wiki.


If some body can put this issue on “Wiki Panchayath” we all will be able to put the suggestions…


Let support and push all the files to commons…



Binu Kalarickan