Thanks Dan -- are there bugzilla tickets for these issues? I couldn't find them.


On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 12:24 PM, Dan Andreescu <> wrote:
Known issues:

* the user name column in CSVs is currently showing incorrect user names in some cases where we have id collisions.  The fix for this is ready to deploy and we'll put it in staging soon.  It should be deployed next week if everything goes well.
* the very *first* result in a recurrent report is not correct, it doesn't run for just one day, but for whatever parameters you configured the metric for.  This will be fixed soon.

On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 3:04 PM, Kevin Leduc <> wrote:

Sorry, I meant to send this out Wednesday and sent it to the wrong mailing list.

Wikimetrics has been updated!

As of April 23, 2014, 16:00 UTC  the latest features are live on the Production Server.  Thanks to all who helped “kick the tires” on our staging server before this release.  Please continue to use the Production Server for your day to day use.  

Wikimetrics Site


Wikimetrics version 0.6

Also known as our “Production Server”.  Use this site for your work.  It is stable and backed up.

Staging Server


Wikimetrics version 0.6

The Staging Site [1] is where we perform our last round of tests before moving new features onto the production server.  We will announce when new features are ready to be tested here.  If bugs are found, please specify you were using the staging server.  This server is reset frequently and data is not backed up.  Please do not use this server for your work.

Getting in touch


New in Wikimetrics 0.6


- Scheduled Reports: You can create reports that are updated around 12:00am UTC every day.  Data will be generated the first time you run the report and then updated at the scheduled time.

- Public Reports: You can make a report public by clicking open the ‘Lock’ icon next to the report.  Doing so will create a publically accessible file with a unique URL you can share.  Making the report private again will remove the publicly available file.



Wikimetrics mailing list

Wikimetrics mailing list