Dorothy, I'm really sorry we let this issue stand for so long.  Thank you very much for the nudge.

We fixed the problem, at least for now.  The problem was not something under our control, so I'm still looking for the root cause, and until I find and understand it, there's a small chance it'll happen again.

Please try again and don't hesitate to ping us if you experience the problem again.

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 4:11 PM, Dorothy Howard <> wrote:
Hi Wikimetrics Team,

I have not been able to login to / use Wikimetrics for 1.5 weeks now. I've tried every few days, but when I try to sign-in using my Google account, the next page once I pick my gmail email is an "Internal Server Error" page.

You might want to look into this.



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