Federico, we're talking about Wikimetrics, which is a very different project intended to run stats on groups of users (cohorts) for a specific set of standard metrics.  This tool was mostly developed for and used by grantmaking and program teams at WMF and affiliates around the world, but its use is too low to justify the effort it would take to maintain it.  Better tools are taking its place, and we're working on some of the infrastructure will support those better tools.

I think you may have been talking about Wikistats, which I agree would've been very nice to keep maintaining.  I think ultimately we don't have too many of the skills that made Erik successful at what he did.  Perl was just one of them, and not a major part in my opinion.
If I'm wrong and you're indeed talking about Wikimetrics, do please elaborate as we're just starting to make this decision.

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 5:21 PM Federico Leva (Nemo) <nemowiki@gmail.com> wrote:
Marcel Ruiz Forns, 22/02/19 21:01:
> Wikimetrics <https://metrics.wmflabs.org/> development has been frozen
> since 2017, and we Analytics consider it's time to sunset this tool.

This is sad, for sure. As someone who managed to patch and run the
original WikiStats scripts despite a limited knowledge of Perl, I think
it would have been more reasonable than often assumed to continue their
maintenance. However it's clear that we're well past the time when such
a decision might have been possible, and it's good to see a growing
interest in feature parity for the new WikiStats.

I think the purposes of this list can be served by the analytics list
without too much sweat.


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