Hello Asaf

I hope that it is going well on your side. Can we (me and the other WMZA representative) have a meeting with you sometime when we are in Berlin? I see that there is arranged for meetings to take place on the Thursday, so maybe we should use this opportunity? We would like to discuss our action plan and budget for the coming year, and also the actual launch and so forth of our chapter. Looking forward to seeing you again in Berlin!

Kind regards

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Dear all,

I just wanted to draw your attention to the day before the conference's official program begins - Thursday, March 29th. On this Open Day the conference rooms in the Cluboffice venue will be made available, and any of you already in town who want to get together for any kind of activity or discussion are welcome to use the facilities. This surprising fact was somehow semi-forgotten along the way.

We already have a Movement Roles meeting and a Chapter Committee meeting planned for that day.

However, what about others? Perhaps the Communications Committee? Wiki Loves Monuments? Or any other group that wants to use that unique opportunity?
Considering the very high cost of flights, it's really a shame *not* to use this opportunity of so many people from so many chapters all in one place (and instead hold yet another meeting at some other time somewhere else).

So please feel free to add yourselves to http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Conference_2012/Schedule/Open_Thursday for whatever meeting you want.

Harel Cain
Program Manager for Chapters Conference 2012

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