Thanks for sending out this message Maarten. I am actually currently busy going through all my Wikimedia emails and were about to send one out about our meeting. Thank you for contacting Lodewijk, we really appreciate it. I think that a lot of people will enjoy this competition and that there is definitely the possibility for success in the South African context. I checked on the Doodle event, lets see who else is available to meet with us.

Kind regards

From: MADe <>
To: Lourie Pieterse <>;; Douglas Scott <>; Heather Ford <>
Cc: Lodewijk <>;
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2012 3:26 PM
Subject: WikiLovesMonuments SA: first meeting

Hey all,

After my chat with Lourie two weeks ago, I discussed a possible WikiLovesMonuments with Lodewijk. He was one of the guys that organised the first edition in the Netherlands, and he really helped me organising the edition last year in Belgium. The competition will go global this year: Europe, India, Chile, Canada, USA, Russia, Israel, Philippines, are sure they will participate this list (full list of particating countries). And he was looking forward to see South Africa join the competition!

More information on the competition is on Commons: You can find a proposed organisational timeline that will help us with organising the event.

Maybe we could meet to chat about the possibilities, and see if we can find enough persons that are interested? I had already a first chat with Lourie two weeks ago. I propose a meeting, again in Cape Town: see the DOODLE