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Its been an issue for some time now that the African language Wikipedia's are not doing as well as the vast majority of other Wikipedia's.  Xhosa Wikipedia, the language of more then seven million South Africans, has only 125 articles, making it the 272nd largest wiki.  About half the size of Inuktitut Wikipedia.  

I contacted the head of the African languages department at the University of Cape Town and had a meeting with him yesterday to discuss it.  It seems like it went very well and I have already been contacted by 9 Xhosa language specialists in the Western and Eastern Cape who are very interested in attending a workshop to learn more about editing Wikipedia. 

I would like to know if anyone would be interested in helping me host any workshops in Cape Town the near future?  It would be nice to have another Wikipedian around to help coach people during the workshop.  Since this is still very early days yet we have not set a date yet for the workshop but I would like it to take place within the next month or so, or even sooner then that.  I would also be interested in getting your feedback on the idea.  Right now the objective is just to train a few Xhosa language Wikipedians and make it known to them how free and easy it is to edit Wikipedia and contribute. As well as to expand Xhosa language Wikipedia by translating articles from well written English Wikipedia articles.  So far all the people that have contacted me are either academics that specialise in Xhosa studies at the Universities here in Cape Town or are from government.


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