Hello Blessing

After I mentioned this meeting on the list only you and Nhlanhla indicated that you are interested. To this I responded and asked whether we can meet on the Thursday before the initial planned meeting with the NHC on the Friday: http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimediaza/2012-July/000517.html. Unfortunately I did not get any responses to this. Keep in mind, the list software work in such a manner that if a recipient is subscribed to the list, this person is removed from being copied using "carbon copying", as this person will then receive the message twice.

These meetings are not for specific people, anyone can attended. That is one of the principles of Wikimedia, to include everyone on what is happening. That is why we normally prefer to use public mailing lists. I hope this answered your questions. I very happy to hear that your organisation is supporting us in full and we should definitely make a plan to meet sometime and discuss potential strategies to get more South Africans involved in our projects!

Kind regards

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Hello Douglas and Lourie
May you clarify some things for me. I know I travel and am involved in my own work. However, I am enthusiastic about WMZA and WLM and have been available for anything that needs to be done. I receive most of the communication and I had availed myself for the Gauteng meeting and even indicated this to our Wikimedia contacts that we work with in my organization. I communicated that I was available, now I am a bit left wondering after getting the report that the meeting was done. May you clarify if meetings are for specific people, so that it is easier to follow and plan. I understand that Wiki is a voluntary organization and for WMZA to grow there needs to be more volunteers. May you clarify? We are in full support for helping WMZA grow.
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Hi Lourie,

The report looks good, just one question, how many airline tickets were bought in the end?  Just one or two?  Could the number(s) be reflected in the expenses table? 

Good going on the meeting everyone and sorry I was not able to make it.  And thank you Lourie, Isla, Dumi and everyone else for all the hard work you are putting into this.


On a general side note for everyone on our mailing list, and I would like to get everyone's input on this and I don't mean to targe anyone in this, but I am not so sure that the public mailing list for Wikimedia ZA is the best place to be airing misunderstandings between members.  Perhaps a more direct exchange between the concernd parties to sort these sorts of things out might be more efficient and a public airing be more of a last ditch attempt?  After all a dispute on a public mailing list can become distracting from our core goals for everyone else on the list.


On 29 July 2012 15:21, Lourie Pieterse <louriepieterse@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello everyone
I managed to complete the report for the Gauteng meeting: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:WM_ZA/Gauteng_meeting/Report.
The actual receipts of the expenses was only send to the board list, as it contains personal information about myself. In the report you can see the details regarding the specific expenses and also the remaining balance for this grant. We asked the WMF whether we can transfer this amount for use in Wiki Loves Monuments. As soon as my questions are answered by Charlene regarding the bank account I will transfer the remaining balance, because currently it seems to me that we might have problems accessing the money should it be transferred to this account. Feel free to ask me if there are any questions regarding this report.
Kind regards

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