Hi guys,
I hope all is well in terms of progress in the South African Chapter. Anyway, I just wanted to request you guys whether it's possible for you to come up with a Wikimania 2012 bid. Wikimania in 2005 was in Germany, in 2006 it went to USA, in 2007 it was in Taiwan, in 2008: Egypt, in 2009: Argentina, in 2010: Poland and in 2011 it'll be in Israel. Don't you guys think that it's high time Wikimania came back to Africa?
Anyway, f you guys feel that you are capable of pulling a winning bid, kindly contact me and I will give you all the necessary documentation.
Abbas Mahmoud
Wikimania 2012 Jury Member.

Feel free to contact me:
Abbas Mahmood
Tel: +254722215101
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Skype: abbasjnr
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