Good evening everyone,it give me the pleasure to remind you that the our job as volunteers or wikipedians in the Setswana Wikipedia page has not been completed.This is to say during the contest held in Botswana these year and last most of the articles where left as stubs (less content) therefore i find it as a need to remind you that we should refer back to the page to improve on the content of the articles.Kindly i also invite all of you with any information to help improve our articles and content page.

It was not all about a challenge ladie and gentleman rather it was a volunteery work we chose to persue on,please ladies and gentleman we are encouraged to continue editing on the local page of the Setswana wikipedia in order to bring or share information with rest of internet users,people are eager for reading, they need our efforts to help them get information at hand.One more advice encourage your friends to register or sign up in the page for them to be able to contribute to wikipedia projects such as wikipedi,wikimedia commons etc.

The mandate why Google and Wikimedia Foundation in partnership with Wikimedia Kenya to have initiatate such a contest (Setswana Wikipedia Challenge) was to re-establish a permenant chapter that woul be able to host some wikipedia projects hence bring information to people on the Ciber world.We looking forward to see Botswana having its own chapter soon and taking projects such as Wiki Loves Monuments are projects i wish we could host sometimes next year,depending on our membership on board.

We are looking forward to see everyone back on track of editing on our local page

Thank you very much.

Oarabile Mudongo
Wikipedia Volunteer/Editor
74899486: 74131307