Do you have a copy of the full list available as well?

I would like to write some code that can reformat this as a wikitable and upload the completed table to the en: and af: articles on wikipedia.


On 25/06/2012 21:23, maarten deneckere wrote:
Hey all,

we got a sample file of the monuments database. I asked this to allow us to see what kind of information we can use, and what type of processing we have to do. Download the file on

I'm no real database expert, who could help us with extracting all the necessary information out of this file?


2012/6/25 maarten deneckere <>
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From: Nicholas Wiltshire <>
Date: 2012/6/25
Subject: Re: Struggling with the monuments database
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Hi Maarten - thanks for your email. Attached is the sample extract of the database. I just migrated the sites to our server on Friday and am busy linking up the declaration history to the sites. You can ignore the Primary key column - between you and I we'll simply assign a new autoincrement ID field numbered 1-3580 so that it's easy later on to match our dbase to the wiki photos.
I'll send you the MOU as soon as Herma is done checking it - but she mentioned that I should not expect it this week - but at least you can carry on with the sample as the structure is half the job..
All the best,

>>> maarten deneckere <> 22/06/2012 18:39 >>>
Hey Nicholas,

I hope everything goes well. I'm back on holiday and focussing again on the
competition :-)

From the earlier competition in Europe I know we will run into some
problems on the monument database. We have to process it and turn it into a
data structure that we can use on Wikipedia, on Commons and on our own
website. This takes quite a lot of work.

Can you send us a "sample" of the monument database? Let's say of about 200
monuments in a certain region. We will use this sample data to learn what
kind of processing we have to do on the whole data set. This will speed up
the process if we would get the full database.

Off course, this is a sample file: we will only use it to test the
processing and will remove all the information afterwards.

Maarten Deneckere

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