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Herewith please find the text exchange between myself and Lourie where he is insistant that I could not make the meeting due to my busy schedule. Our telephone conversation of  Thursday evening refers; That regardless of how my day is scheduled we needed to meet due to the various developments that have transpired, including WLM that was up for discussion. 

Text messages refer: 
Charlene; -  On July 20th/13h57 -  Hi Lourie tried calling to see where you are at Wits? My 3pm was moved earlier and not sure until  what time you'll be there cos I have a 5.30 meeting at Wits
Lourie: July 20th / 14h19 - We got held up and just arrived at Wits. We will be here for some time, so then we can meet at 17h30. We areat the general engineering building.

 Charlene: July 20th/ 14h35 - My meeting is at 5.30 so will come through to meet at 4.30. Where the heck is the engineering building

Lourie: July 20th / 14h54 - That time is good. We are in the Chamber of mines Building next to the Flower Hall on the corner of Enoch Santonga and the M1.

Charlene; July 20th / 16 25 - Am two traffic lights away from the Barnato entrance of Wits and its peak time so expect me a few minutes after 4.30 thanks

Charlene; July 20th / 16h40 - So where in this small building are you exactly please?

Lourie; July 20th / 17h06 - We are currently driving to get lunch.

Charlene; July 20th / 17h07 - Suppose we'll meet another time

Lourie; July 20th /17h08 - Okay, we thought that you couldn't make it. Will stay in touch vi email.

Charlene; July 20th / 17h16 - Great game you guys are playing hope you having fun laughing your heads off with the disrespect and everything else you scheming.

At no point is there any communication by myself to state that my schedule has changed. At no point is there any text or call from you stating that you have changed the schedule. 

So unfortunately there have been a few of these assumptions made and I cannot feel safe with you dealing in an appropriate manner with issues of  governance and or operations given the above account. 

Am catching up on emails and will respond to most if not all during the course of this evening.

Have a great week everyone

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On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 3:21 PM, Lourie Pieterse <louriepieterse@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello everyone

I managed to complete the report for the Gauteng meeting: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:WM_ZA/Gauteng_meeting/Report.

The actual receipts of the expenses was only send to the board list, as it contains personal information about myself. In the report you can see the details regarding the specific expenses and also the remaining balance for this grant. We asked the WMF whether we can transfer this amount for use in Wiki Loves Monuments. As soon as my questions are answered by Charlene regarding the bank account I will transfer the remaining balance, because currently it seems to me that we might have problems accessing the money should it be transferred to this account. Feel free to ask me if there are any questions regarding this report.

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Charlene Foster
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