Hello everyone

Things stalled for quite a while now, but everything is starting to get in place. The final documents are at Tobias to get reviewed. As soon as he is finished with them we plan to submit them to ChapCom. The last thing to be sorted out is the future directors of the chapter.

We asked numerous times for people to volunteer to be a director, but only got a little more than a handful interested. Some of those who initially said they would be interested also wandered off. Currently we only have five people interested in being director, which is the exact amount of directors needed. You can take a look at these people right here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_South_Africa/Directors.

This is just a final email to keep everyone up to date. As soon as the documents are finished we will submit them with these individuals as the founding directors of Wikimedia ZA.

Kind regards