Hello Maarten

Thanks for creating this list with Isla. The list of tasks does not look that hectic to me. As you might have seen in an email in which I have copied you, I step down from the WMZA board. As mentioned I will however continue to work on this project with you and Isla. I have copied both the general and board discussion lists on this email, that way everyone knows what is happening regarding WLM. I am just currently waiting to see whether it is fine with WMZA if I still handle this project.

Kind regards

From: maarten deneckere <maartendeneckere@gmail.com>
To: Lourie Pieterse <louriepieterse@yahoo.com>; WikimediaZA@lists.wikimedia.org
Cc: Isla Haddow-Flood <islahf@africacentre.net>
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 1:09 PM
Subject: Re: Wiki Loves Monuments

Hey all,

last week Isla and I discussed some of the todo's. We made nice list and put it on the dedicated Commons page.

Things to do in the short term (Isla and I note these down):
  • applying for the domain name (wikilovesmonuments.org.za) -> WM SA
  • creating a mailing list for WLM (is this technically possible?) -> WM SA
  • making website (copy of the .be): me
  • call for participation: Isla
  • concept document: Isla
  • asking for the lists of monuments: WM SA and me during the next meeting with the Heritage organisation
  • arranging the grant by the Foundation: Lourie and me

Op 11 april 2012 20:40 schreef Lourie Pieterse <louriepieterse@yahoo.com> het volgende:
Nice hearing from you Isla. At the moment it will be difficult for me to meet in person, because I am currently busy with a test series. I am however still available for Skype chats. Is it possible to discuss the milestones/timelines over email? It will probably be the easiest to do so when we have the first concept document. Thanks for the trouble!

Kind regards

From: Isla Haddow-Flood <islahf@africacentre.net>
To: maarten deneckere <maartendeneckere@gmail.com>; Lourie Pieterse <louriepieterse@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 11:00 AM
Subject: Wiki Loves Monuments

Dear Maarten and Lourie

I hope you are back in Cape Town after your jetsetting holidays!! I would like to get the Wiki Loves Monuments tied down, especially with Nick Wiltshire from SAHRA. When are you happy to meet? Or do you want to do a skype chat? We also need to change the status of the work on the WLM page, who will do that? Maarten could you? We also need to go through the milestones/timelines and assign specific tasks to each person so that they get done as we are very far behind on what is required.

Let me know. I am working on the concept document today and will get it to you later on.


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