Hello Everyone,

The judgements for the winning photographs are now in and here are the results:

Vouchers from Orms to the value of R7,500.
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R4,000.
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R2,500.

We are still working on getting the judgement on the best picture of a proposed monument done and will notify you all shortly of that award soon.

How the winning three photographs were picked:  
Once our panel of judges had selected their top twenty photographs I asked them to rank in order of preference (from 1st place to 20th place) which photographs they liked the most.  The judges ratings for each photograph were then added up into a score and the photograph with the lowest score (remember that 1st place is better than 20th place) was the winner. In this way the photograph that all the judges collectively chose as the best was identified.

Thanks and best regards,

Douglas Ian Scott
Project Director
Wikimedia ZA
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South African mobile number: +27 (0)79 515 8727