Dear Kerryn,
I will not be able to get up to Joburg for the meeting but would be interested to be 'in the loop'.
All the best
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Hi David and all

A venue is being finalised now and it looks like it will be at the LINK Centre which is based at the Wits P&DM School in Parktown, Johannesburg.  The room is being finalised now - it depends on the final numbers.

I will be sending out a formal email to the list and to those who have confirmed giving the venue details and final starting time.  This is also dependent on what time the out-of-towners land in Joburg that morning, the 7th.

David, will you be attending the workshop?  Please let me know so that I can confirm you on the list. 

And also, any other Wikipedians who haven't talked to me directly about coming to the workshop please can we discuss separately so that I can organise accommodation and talk travel funding should you be coming from out of Joburg.


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On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 5:35 AM, David Richfield <> wrote:
Hi all,

David Richfield here.  I'm semi active on en-wikipedia at the moment.

We need to make people aware of options to use and contribute to
community projects like wikipedia,, linux, etc.
When people understand what they can get and how they can help others
in the process, we all gain.

We also need to educate the educators, so that they can help students
to understand the difference between different types of sources: what
is a primary source, a secondary source and a tertiary source?  How do
you cite information?  What do you use different sources of
information for?  What kind of information to you need to track to a
primary source, and what to a secondary source?  Can you cite
something you haven't read?  When people can correctly answer these
questions, they'll know how to use and contribute to Wikimedia

Another thing: if language educators realize how brilliant translation
is as a language education tool, and how people who translate
Wikipedia into African languages can gain while giving, it should be a
great leap forward!

Looking forward to the meetup!  Getting a venue sorted is now getting
urgent: any ideas?

David Richfield

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